The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has attained encouraging results in the Best Universities for Blockchain 2022 by CoinDesk. It is ranked No.1 from a sample of 240 renowned institutions worldwide, based on four primary metrics that include (1) the number and influence of its research publications; (2) the number of courses, degrees, conferences, clubs and industry partnerships or grants; (3) employment and industry outcomes; and (4) overall academic reputation. The weight of each category is 30%, 38%, 23% and 9%.

PolyU ranked No.1 among 240 schools, followed by National University of Singapore (2) and University of Zurich (3). Five local institutions were listed in the ranking this year, including The University of Hong Kong (11), City University of Hong Kong (17), Chinese University of Hong Kong (20) and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (38).

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